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Submissive Escorts

Yes, I'm one of those not-so-secretly submissive girls. I'm all confidence and self-assurance in the streets, but in the sheets, I've always harboured the desire to give up control. Long before I understood or had even heard of BDSM (bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism), I fantasized about meeting an authoritative gentleman who, through commands, persuasion, and permission, would hold the power to set me free of my own fears. 

London Submissive Companion

Some of my most memorable romantic relationships have arisen out of recognising and exploring just how many exciting erotic possibilities arise at the point where our desires meet: the many ways you might dominate me, the many ways I might submit to you.

Dominance and submission do not need to involve whips and chains or a fully stocked dungeon - sometimes a confidently given command over dinner can elicit just the same intensity of erotic response in me. 


Being submissive can be a subtle art, a spectrum of different forms of obedience, a way of holding my body in relation to yours, an invitation in the way I touch you, the way I receive your touch, the way I look at you (or accept that I am not to look at you) a softness and affirmation within the tone of my voice. Or it can be more explicit and naughty: there is certainly a brat side to me who very much enjoys being put in her place. 

As a submissive escort, I specialise in supporting you to explore your dominant fantasies. Just as submission is an art, so is dominance: it is a skill set that can be learned. While some gentlemen are dominant in and out of the bedroom, many are drawn to dominant desires because in everyday life it is taboo. I greatly enjoy helping shyer gentlemen to realise their dominant erotic natures, and to step into their power within consensual and safe limits. I'm equally pleased to arrange dates with experienced doms who may have something to teach me, and with newbies wanting to take those tentative first steps towards sexual power exchange. 

Though I am (I've been told) one of London's most talented submissive escorts, I also enjoy a little role reversal when the mood strikes, so if sparring for control is your kink, I'm delighted to oblige (or make you oblige!) 

My main limit is that I am not a masochist! So if intense impact play is your thing then I'm not the right submissive escort for you. However, I'm always pleased to pass you on to one of my gorgeous, pain-loving friends

For me, kink is psychological just as much as it is physical, and though it does not have to be, it can be just as sensual as it is sexual. I am a huge fan of roleplays and fantasies, verbal commands, dirty talk, and the heightened tease that comes from a long flirtation over dinner. 

Having said that D/s doesn't need to involve a fully stocked dungeon, I am also very happy to recommend and then meet you in one. I am a great fan of bondage, including shibari, predicament and suspension bondage, and am always delighted to engage in rope dates with experienced rope practitioners. 

Other kinky activities I enjoy include: sensory deprivation, mild to moderate spanking, humiliation and degradation play, DDLG roleplay, Master/slave roleplays, electro play and watersports. 

If you're a dominant gentleman, or if you think you might be curious...let me submit to you.

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