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Petite Escort London: Claude Love

For fans of the smaller form...

I've always prized myself on my tiny, five foot three stature. If you're looking for petite escorts in London, you've come to the right place. 

My body is slim, toned, and impeccably sized. Not too big, and just little enough for you, the larger gentleman to tower over me, and for the more mildly sized gentleman to bend me over his knee. My breasts are perky, and just about exactly a handful, with light pink, gorgeously formed nipples that are the envy of many. However, though I classify myself among the ladies who match the description 'petite escort London', this does not mean I have too little a derriere! My bottom is round, juicy, and gorgeously pert. In my opinion, and the opinions of those of my lovers who have shared their thoughts with me, it is a perfect size for a petite woman! As they say, good things come in small packages... and they aren't only talking about the decadent, lacy lingerie you will find underneath any of my extremely elegant, sophisticated dresses. 

What is it about the attraction between an older, taller gentleman and a smaller lady? I might be self-assured and confident, but I become submissive and obedient when a lover puts me in my place, by sheer virtue of our different sizes. 

Because I am small, standing at under 5'4", I think I have always been drawn to the kinds of fantasies and roleplays that emphasize height difference, and therefore gender difference. Outside of the bedroom, this might mean that part of me takes pleasure in having a confident, charming man put me on his arm as we walk into an upmarket restaurant, and for him to pick up the cheque, knowing that he has the situation totally under his control. I enjoy it when, after the meal, he holds open my coat for me, making it easier for me to fit my small frame inside. On colder days, when it might be snowing or raining, I take a lot of comfort in knowing that I am less likely to slip over into a puddle, for example, because I am holding the strong arm of the lover that I am with. Perhaps there is an element of a primal instinct in all this - though on an intellectual level I consider myself a match for anyone - at the sheer level of physicality, there is certainly an erotics of difference that feeds my sensual response. 

And speaking of the erotics of difference, and as you have navigated to the page of a petite independent escort based in Central London, I imagine you might be interested in my thoughts on how this plays out in the bedroom? 

Though I am a grown woman, I've always found myself drawn to sexual scenarios that will enhance the dichotomy between a petite girl and a tall gentleman. I love to play with the difference between, for example, a boss and his secretary, caught stealing from the firm, or perhaps a headmaster and a naughty schoolgirl. Sometimes I am a well-behaved, shy and bashful schoolgirl, called to the teacher's office, and induced into the ways of the adult world. On other occasions, I am a rebellious and cheeky brat, in sharp need of a good spanking on my petite derriere. Of course, we can discuss more of this in person! 

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